Revival in Galilee

Revival in Galilee, Shofar Am, Israel –


UPDATE Nov 23, 2016 – Here is info about a project among deaf Jewish students….

Therapeutic Center for the Deaf and Dumb in Galilee ….Cost $23500

Our Center has 124 Jewish Deaf and Dumb children aged 2- 21 .
We offer this group of people different vital services that help them manage well their daily lives , These services are as follows:
1.  Teaching them Israeli language signs.
2.  Reading lips signs.
3. Working on reading and listening comprehension.3
4  Serving them daily breakfast and lunch food.
5  Insuring the safety morning and evening arrival of these children to their homes and to Our Center, Their safety is Our priority.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the Israeli government has given us a piece of land next to Our Center , and our aim is to transferring it to a productive and safe place for our children Therefore our immediate project is to clean it from harm weeds with big Stones and Rocks by using a bulldozer , building a safe fence a high wall . Our next aim is filling it with fertilizing soil to prepare it for planting herbs .
Our vision is to make these deaf and dumb children a productive and useful working force .
We will divide this piece of Land to different agriculture basins and providing it with the necessary farming tools in addition such as shovels and pickaxes .
We are planning to buy and install desks and Umbrellas to provide shadow for them against the severe heat of sun.
Your warm prayers and spiritual support is greatly welcome and appreciated .

This project is big door to share and accept Jewish people to Yeshua


UPDATE March 16 , 2016 – We can’t wait to see Speero, Janan, Mary and the whole RIG gang in June 2016! We have a team of 7 going and we are so excited!

UPDATE July 22, 2015 – Speero, his wife Janan (who is pregnant with their 4th child!) and his mom Mary are visiting Texas – they will not be coming to San Diego this time but we will be going to see them next summer Lord willing and we think He is! 

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May 3, 2015 –

  • The ministry to orphans and widows in Israel is continuing and there is much need. Please consider sponsoring this wonderful ministry.
  • We cancelled our trip to Israel this year but DO plan to go the summer of 2016!

 Nov 25, 2014

We are going to Israel! Lord willing in June/July of 2015 we will be leading a team to Greece, Albania and Israel. Contact me if you are interested in going with us!

Sept 29, 2014

It is the HIGH HOLIDAYS in Israel and Revival in Galilee provides holiday food for many poor Jewish families during these times. There is also a great need for funds to repair the roof of one of the families. Please consider making a donation to help meet these needs!


UPDATE July 28, 2014

Current Needs: Orphan sponsorships, support for widows, printing expenses, a vehicle for ministry

Praises:We had the pleasure of having Speero, his wife Janan and his mother Mary stay with us! Shalom and safe travels on your return to Israel!




About Revival in Galilee

Speero and his wife Janan work tirelessly bringing the Love of Yeshua to the most needy in Israel – orphans and widows. In addition, they invite all those who want to serve with them to come to their home for a week, 2 weeks, 2 months….however long to work side by side with them.  They have another website that completely describes their ministry……here is an excerpt from the REVIVAL IN GALILEE website

“We are not associated with any church. Some of us are baptists or pentecostal baptists, others are close open, while others are still beginners (fruits of the service). We want to worship Jesus, to follow Jesus alone, and to serve Jesus through the weak in our midst. We want to hear Jesus telling us: “I was hungry and ye gave me to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, I was naked and you clothed me, a stranger and ye took me in, I was sick and ye visited me, in prison and ye came unto me”. (Matthew 25:35-36, 40). We want to preach and declare Jesus’ love for us and for all those around us, and our purpose in so doing is the glory of God alone, to the exclusion of all other motives and desires.

If you would like to support this project in Israel,  make a check payable to “Church at the Beach IB” with “Revival in Galilee” in the memo and send it to 730 Holly Ave, Imperial Beach, CA 91932.

Pastor Speero from Israel Speaking to Church at the Beach from Pastor Eric Maggio on Vimeo.

All donations to this ministry are tax deductible as Church at the Beach IB is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Blessings!


3 thoughts on “Revival in Galilee

  1. This is just awesome, Brother Eric! Todah Rabah for what you have done and are doing for Revival in Galilee Ministries! This is just wonderful and may the Lord bless you abundantely for all that you do for Israel! Shalom!

  2. I know that I know that the Lord has shown me this is where I am to give besides tithes to my own home Church. But also to give to a ministry in Israel. And this is it! I love you all there Speero Sheety and family, friends and to those in need. Widows and Orphans. My hearts desire is to come there one day and never come back to live in the U S A . God bless you all in Christ Caren L Stevens

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