The Movement

Church at the Beach IB is just one of a series of outdoor Churches planted here in San Diego

Church Without Walls – Balboa Park

  • “The Church Without Walls” In Balboa Park launched in  2005
  • This was our first attempt at an outdoor church plant.  Coordinating with the Presbyterian Crisis Center, and a few members of the Rock Church we Planted a Church that met In Balboa Park on Saturdays at 10am that primarily targeted the vast homeless population of San Diego.
  •  This church plant had a food program, a worship and preaching ministry, and also a mid week food distribution to the homeless camps on G street in downtown San Diego.
  • In 2006 We handed the ministry over to the Rock Church where it exists to this day as their Homeless Ministry.  The lessons we learned at this church plant helped refine our model as we began to plant the next several outdoor church plants.
  • To this day the Church Without Walls continues to meet weekly with over 100 in attendance and is continually reaching out to their community.

Church at the Beach Mission Beach

  • Our Mission Beach Church: “Church @ the Beach” launched on July 6th 2008
  • We held an outdoor worship service on the grass by the boardwalk at Belmont Park.
  • In addition to our outdoor service we offered several home Bible-studies called Life Groups.
  • Our Mission Beach Plant moved to Imperial Beach in 2009 however we still are in the works for relaunching a daughter church in the Mission Beach Location.
  • To See What our launch day service looked like click on the video Below
Church at the Beach Imperial Beach
  • Imperial Beach (Sunday 1:30pm)
  • We meet on the grass just south of the I.B. Pier
  • We have a variety of programs that meet during the week, from Life Group Bible Studies, Karate, BBQ’s, Youth and family events.  Church @ the Beach has a place for you.
  • Church at the Beach IB.  Is currently the Largest Baptist Church in Imperial Beach.  With over twice the attendance, we have seen a move of God reach out to our community and bring in people from all backgrounds.
  • Unlike Balboa Park, we have a wide variety of people, from Homeless, to Upperclass, from military to civilians, from every race, culture, socio-economic, and educational background, Church at the Beach IB has within it a true picture of the Kingdom of God.
  • To see a sample of our service check out the video below

Generation at the Beach Oceanside

  • “Generation @ the Beach” Launched Easter Sunday 2011
  • Teaming up with Generation Church in Oceanside we planted a Seasonal Beach church at Tyson Street Park in Oceanside.  Located right off the boardwalk this location is a prime area to bring the Word of God.
  • Serving as a test run of an Oceanside Outdoor Church this proved to be very promising and receptive environment, plans are in the works for an official launch of a permanent beach church in Oceanside in the next few years.
  • Check out the Video Below to see what our Oceanside plant was like in the summer of 2011